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* Bloom from Within - Aromatherapy Car Charms

  • $11.99

Aromatherapy Car Charms!

Essential Oil Diffuser Car Lockets are a beautiful and stylish way to enjoy your favorite oils all day long. Whether you are looking for health or emotional benefits of essential oils, diffuser lockets not only look great but will smell amazing with your essential oils! This car diffuser comes with a black felt pad to place a couple drops of your favorite oil or perfume and a magnetic closure to keep the pad sealed into the locket. 

These car charms come with dangly charms including a small glass prism. Let your favorite scent be an everyday inspiration while driving.! The charms also make great backpack charms, purse charms, and window charms!

  • Dimensions: 13/4" W. x 33/4" H.