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* MudPie Neutral Gnomes

  • $16.99

These Mud Pie Neutral Dangle Leg Gnomes features colors of gray, white, and cream. Because of the neutral colors, these adorable gnomes can be displayed all year long. Each dangle leg gnome measures approximately 15" in total length measuring from the top of his hat to the bottom of his feet, and approx. x 4" wide measuring between his hands. They are made of cotton knit and felt. The gnomes have a pom-pom nose, faux fur beard, faux fleece detail, dangle legs and a heavy weighted base. In the sitting position, each gnome measures approx. 9" tall and the dangle legs measure 6" in length.

OVERALL SIZE: Approx. 15"L x 4"W (measuring from top of hat to bottom of feet.)
SITTING POSITION SIZE: Each gnome measures 9"H and dangle legs measure 6"L
♥ Made of Cotton
♥ The base of each of the 3 Gnomes is weighted so they can easily sit