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* Thistle Farms Healing Oils

  • $10.00


Roll-on healing oil with easy-to-use application and a natural formula that's safe for most skin types, offering an invigorating experience to be enjoyed at anytime.

Purpose + Scent:

  • Immunity: Avoid the cold and flu season with a must-have blend of anti-microbial, anti-viral, and pain relieving properties that offer a holistic approach to well-being. A clarifying herbal scent featuring eucalyptus, clove, and oregano.

  • Energy: A powerful blend of essential oils formulated to improve memory and focus. A citrusy aroma featuring grapefruit, rosemary, & peppermint.

  • Balance: Find your zen. A unique blend of powerful oils, such as lavender, vanilla, and lemon blend that may boost energy, cleanse toxins, and calm the nervous system. A grounding scent featuring lemon, lavender, & rose geranium. An earthy scent featuring sweet orange, vanilla, & ho wood.